Can we make Screening sexy?!?!


content-pre-exercise-screening-systemRecently I was sitting in a meeting with a number of leading business owners and influencers of the Australian fitness industry and amid discussions about Scope of Practice and professional guidelines, I had a minor brain implosion and I blurted out that my mission for the next 12 months was to make screening sexy! I did not live that one down for the next two days of meetings, and I’m still receiving sneering remarks about my mission!

So why would I make such a statement? I think that too often we think of screening as a legal requirement that we should perfunctorily get out the way as quickly as possible and file under “who cares”… that is, until someone needs to care… There’s no question in my mind that the very vast majority of exercise professionals want to keep their clients safe. However, my experience is that this is often a very ad-hoc, unstructured and unplanned process.

This outlook on client screening comes, at least in part, from a lack of appropriate resources, or well developed resources; but primarily, I believe, from a lack of education and training on how we can use screening information to generate very positive and exciting (yes, I mean sexy!) outcomes, such as:

  • a way to guide the development of tailored exercise interventions, which are likely to be much more effective
  • an enhanced business opportunity to show professionalism and premium services
  • a tool to increase adherence, as you can clearly show a client what they need to work on, and the process that you will take to help them get there.

So this is not just about what you do with a client during the first hour you meet, but about setting up a foundation for your future interactions with him/her and the confidence they have in your service and business.

That, in my opinion, is exciting! and yes, even a little bit sexy!

I’m glad that we have already received feedback about the MovementScreen from early adopters and contemplators, that they have been looking for a tool that would take their professional service up another level, and that they feel the MovementScreen can do this!

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