Injury Rates in exercise settings – research supports the use of a Movement Screen!

Injury data

Injury rates in exercise settings: Are you equipped to deal with it?

The table below shows a summary of data I reviewed earlier in the development of the MovementScreen. A clear summary is difficult, as the data was reported in different ways, but none-the-less, it shows a concerning picture:

Anywhere between 50-70% of new members/clients COME to us with a previous injury. Considering we know that 80% of
Americans and Australians suffer from low back pain in their life, this data is pretty conservative!

Anywhere between 25-38% of members will develop an injury in the early part of their training! note the study lengths of 3,4 and 12 months…

Of these, a VERY high percentage discontinue their exercise programs. This is obviously not good for anyone involved!

The moral of the story? Make sure you ask about previous injuries and general history > assess movement capacity to determine what adaptations have developed. These will affect your clients’ capacity to train effectively and at lower risks of developing new injuries or making existing ones worse.

Your clients and your business will thank you for it!!

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