Injury risk is greatest when we know them least – reason to apply a movement screen.

shld injury

shld injury

Your client is most likely to get injured in the first 4 sessions with you. WHY?
Because you don’t know them well enough yet, and navigating that balance between giving them what they want and what they need is tough, right?!
In addition, we often feel the pressure to ‘impress’ our client by giving them a tough session… Now, if you are reading this (on this Page) then you probably agree with me, that the best way to impress your client, is to show them you are well educated and equipped to deal with their needs; that you have an answer to help them get from ‘A’ (their current state) to ‘B’ (their goals).
Spending the first session clearly understanding ‘A’, will make sure that your journey to ‘B’ is safer, quicker, and much more effective!
This is one of the main reasons we developed the MovementScreen!

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