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Kevin is a Professor of Exercise Science and internationally regarded as an authority on health and fitness. He regularly shares his extensive knowledge as an author, advisor and keynote speaker via publications, conferences and working as a consultant across the globe. Kevin is passionate about sharing his broad experiences to deliver improved health and fitness outcomes via several screening tools including MovementScreen and HealthScreen Pro. He has worked in software development and designing interactive tools for students in exercise physiology for the past two decades.

Additionally, Kevin has published in excess of 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers and numerous books including co-authoring Anthropometrica that has sold over 10,000 copies and is published in several languages. His latest scientific interests include exercise-induced health risk factor changes, the evolution of sports, the limits of human performance and innovative learning strategies in high-performance. ​His leisure-time interests involve adventure travel, reading history and relaxing with his extensive family.

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Max is an Exercise Physiologist, Educator, Speaker, and Director of Movement Screen; iNform Health & Fitness Solutions; and Corrective Exercise Australia. He also has experience and success as coach of middle-distance runners, while being a crazy trail runner and mountain biker himself! Max completed an Applied Science Degree (Exercise and Sports Science) in 1998, an Honours Degree in Human Movement in 2000 and is currently in the process of attaining his PhD in Human Movement. His primary areas of interest and expertise are in musculo-skeletal rehabilitation, corrective exercise and resistance training in special populations, with a number of internationally peer-reviewed publications in physiology related areas.

He is a sought-after and respected presenter and educator, with a great capacity to bring together his academic, clinical and on-the-field experience, and translate complex information into simple and useful applications.

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Dr. Nathan Harten

Nathan is a Director of Movement Screen, iNform Health & Fitness, and Corrective Exercise Australia. He has over 15 years experience in Exercise Science and Clinical Exercise Physiology. He completed his PhD in Human Movement in 2005 and has several international publications.

Nathan is passionate about helping individuals find a more optimal way of moving, so that they can achieve their health and fitness goals. Outisde of his work, his interests include trail running, camping and hiking with his family.
















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