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MovementScreen is a unique application designed to screen and assess movement capacity. This app is designed for use by exercise physiologists, fitness professionals, Strength & Conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other movement professionals. MovementScreen is free to download from the App Store and comes with 5 free tests before having to pay for additional tests using In-App purchases.





The MovementScreen program contains:

  • a pre-exercise screening system aiming to identify cardiorespiratory risk factors
  • a standardised physical activity and sedentary behaviour questionnaire
  • a disability assessment tool using the World Health Organisation Disability Assessment Questionnaire.
  • a Posture Assessment evaluation.
  • a movement analysis system using 9 standardised movements. This includes the capacity to record client videos and compare these movements against reference video clips
  • a variety of results screens including:
  • a % injury risk score, ‘hot spot’ areas for injury risk using up to 15 different body sites
  • individual movement scores
  • physical capacity scores in 5 domains [symmetry, balance, stability, mobility and strength]
  • and corrective exercise suggestions based on the specific screening results
  • a compare feature so that pre-post changes can be quantified for individual clients
  • a comprehensive PDF report feature that includes explanations of all output variables
  • Capacity to export data allowing for further storing, analysing, comparing, and graphing of results.
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