MS PRO iconMovementScreenPRO is designed for use by health and fitness professionals that would like the option of unlimited tests. This would be suitable for busy practitioners, larger clinics or educational institutions that envisage performing many tests and would prefer the convenience of a once off purchase.





The MovementScreenPRO program contains:

  • a pre-exercise screening system aiming to identify cardiorespiratory risk factors
  • a standardised physical activity and sedentary behaviour questionnaire
  • a disability assessment tool using the World Health Organisation Disability Assessment Questionnaire.
  • a Posture Assessment evaluation.
  • a movement analysis system using 9 standardised movements. This includes the capacity to record client videos and compare these movements against reference video clips
  • a variety of results screens including:
  • a % injury risk score, ‘hot spot’ areas for injury risk using up to 15 different body sites
  • individual movement scores
  • physical capacity scores in 5 domains [symmetry, balance, stability, mobility and strength]
  • and corrective exercise suggestions based on the specific screening results
  • a compare feature so that pre-post changes can be quantified for individual clients
  • a comprehensive PDF report feature that includes explanations of all output variables
  • Capacity to export data allowing for further storing, analysing, comparing, and graphing of results.


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