The Screening System

MS in useOur Movement Screening system is designed to capture the important information for the health and fitness professional to ensure safe exercise prescription for their clients.

It includes a well validated Physical Activity Questionnaire, to get an understanding of current activity patterns; a health screening tool (APSS), to screen for any signs and symptoms of chronic diseases; the World Health Organisation Disability Assessment Score (WHO DAS), to get an understanding of your clients’ current physical limitations; a postural analysis to look for any asymmetries in standing posture; and finally a comprehensive screen of nine common movements designed to identify any potential risks in performing these as part of an exercise program.

The Movement Screening System then analyses these data to give you user friendly reports on:

  • your clients overall risk profile, highlighting joints that are more at risk;
  • your clients’ movement score for each of the nine movements to identify which ones may be contributing to your clients injury risk;
  • your clients’ capacities in the key areas of strength, mobility, stability, symmetry and balance
  • which joints require these particular capacities including suggestions on exercises that may help improve these capacities.
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