Corrective Exercises

stretching workout posture






Once you have completed gathering data on your client and performing all the required screening components, you are able to generate a comprehensive report for you and your client. This report can be emailed, printed, or saved for future reference. Importantly, it includes a ‘CORRECTIVE STRATEGIES‘ section which will help guide your exercise prescription to ensure it is focused on and tailored to your client’s specific needs.

These recommendations will be corrective exercises based on the the results obtained from all information collected from your client. Guidelines will also be provided as to the order that the prescription should focus on, for example, we recommend that you prioritise capacities in the following order:

  1. Stability > mobility > balance > strength
  2. If an asymmetry is noted for a specific joint, spend longer working on the joint with the lower capacity score. We often recommend starting the corrective exercise on this side, then moving onto the other side, and finally coming back to the under-scoring side, so it gets greater attention until the symmetry is minimized.
  3. If a particular joint is also highlighted as an Injury risk hotspot, then this should also increase the level of priority of that joint to increase the low capacity scores.


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