Health Screening

The data entry components of the MovementScreen App is divided into two general sections: A health information section, and the posture and movement screening section.

This first ‘health screening’ section allows you to determine a client’s safety to undertake general exercise, understand their physical activity levels and general ability to deal with their day to day activities. This will provide you with great background information on your client and his/her needs, and improve your capacity to prescribe a safe and appropriate exercise program.

Medical History

The MEDICAL HISTORY screen is stage 1 of the Adult Pre-exercise Screening System developed by Fitness Australia, Sports Medicine Australia and Exercise and Sports Science Australia. It allows the user to enter information on medical conditions involving cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory systems or other medical problems that may make aerobic-based or other strenuous exercise contraindicated. It also includes information on signs and/or symptoms of disease that are critical to know when making a decision about whether exercise, specifically aerobic type activities, can begin. For example, does the tester require further /information guidance from a medical practitioner or other health professional? Are there specific elements of an exercise program that need to be included or excluded for a particular client?

Phsical Activity

The PHYSICAL ACTIVITY screen is based on the Active Australia Survey that is used in state and national surveys to determine if a client reaches sufficient levels of physical activity or if they have a health risk factor associated with insufficient levels of activity

There are also questions on sitting time. Sitting time is an independent risk factor associated with increased metabolic and cardiovascular disease. Finally, there is a question on sitting at work. These responses, together with the physical activity minutes are used in the injury risk decisions built in to the software.


The DISABILITY ASSESSMENT data entry screen uses the internationally recognised World Health Organisation Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0 (WHODAS) questionnaire. It asks about your client’s difficulties due to general health conditions. These include diseases or illnesses and other health problems that may be short or long lasting, injuries, mental or emotional problems. The WHODAS will provide you with an increased understanding of the broader context that may affect your client’s health and capacity for change under your program.

The responses to these questions allow a score to be calculated and a percentile rank to be generated and graphed against international norms. These are age- and sex-specific.



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